Why a BMW is Everyone’s Dream Car

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A BMW is the dream car to so many people. To others, it remains just that – a dream. This however does not have to be so. You can always achieve your dream. Owning a BMW as your dream car can be a reality. Yes, live your dream today by getting your hands on a pre- owned BMW.

Let’s face it; it can cost quite a fortune to buy a new BMW. At Big Motoring World, we understand this and that is why we have a variety of pre- owned BMWs. We give you a range of cars to choose from depending on what suits your needs best!

Some of the characteristics that set out BMWs from Big Motoring World apart from other models is the fact they have strong engines, are durable and they will always give you that sense of pride and ownership. In addition, a BMW is one of the classiest cars ever not forgetting the classic rear wheel platform found in most of the BMWs.

Whether you are riding alone, taking your girlfriend on a date or enjoying a ride with your family, our cars give you the whole essence of our ride. A road trip with your friends or relaxation time on your own, BMW remains your unrivalled driving companion.

Don’t whine; we know you need it and that is why we have a wide range just for you and at affordable prices too!

We have a reputation for ensuring quality and therefore you do not have to hesitate when it comes to buying a pre -owned BMW. Our apt and efficient technicians will ensure that at no one point will the vehicle that you buy become a headache to you.

Our vehicles come in different colours and therefore depending on what your favourite colour is, you get to select the one that appeals most to your eyes.

Big Motoring World has its dealership in the following areas:

  • Big Motoring World Canterbury
  • Big Motoring World Snodland
  • Big Motoring World Prestige

Used BMWs fall into two categories, which are:

  1. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models
  2. Regular pre-owned models


Regular pre-owned BMWs

A regular pre-owned is one that has been previously used by one or a number of owners. This type of vehicle is available through an authorized dealership such as any of the three Big Motoring World dealerships or the owner can decide to sell directly to a potential buyer.

If you are on the hunt for a regular used BMW, the first place to start might be your local newspaper classified advertisements or through your local authorized BMW dealers who have easy access to such information.

Certified pre-owned BMWs

A certified pre –owned BMW, just like the regular owned BMW, has had one or more owners. However, before its sale a rigorous and thorough certification, it goes through a validation process overseen by Big Motoring World.

The purpose of the validation is to ensure that the vehicle is still in great condition and that the owner can resell it Now that you know the difference between a CPO and RPO kind of vehicles, visit any of our dealerships and live your dream at last!

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