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Certified pre-owned (CPO) BMWs are popular amongst buyers who wish to minimize the risk associated with buying used cars. They can usually get more BMW for their money with a CPO car than they would with a new BMW.

For a BMW to be tagged CPO, it needs to meet the required mileage and age specifications. Thereafter, it must go through an intensive inspection at Big Motoring World. Upon passing the inspection, the car receives an extended limited warranty. It will also carry a higher price than a non-certified model. A majority of BMW enthusiasts are more than willing to pay that premium, however, because of the peace of mind the CPO program affords them.

As is the case in many dealerships, late-model trade-ins or lease returns make up a huge portion of the CPO inventory at Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Snodland, and Big Motoring World Prestige. BMW requires dealers to put cars through a rigorous inspection process.

The truth is that a CPO BMW’s perceived quality, as well as its premium cost, also brings a set of higher expectations from the new owners. Is it a realistic expectation not to have any mechanical issues for a good amount of time when one buys a certified BMW with, say, 10,000 miles on it? Not always. Here is why:

Perfection is not guaranteed

The “P” in CPO does not stand for perfection. However, it is difficult to fault buyers for operating on this assumption. Every advertisement may have you believe that the CPO BMW is identical to a brand new one. At the end of the day, however, the CPO BMW is still a used car. Big Motoring World specialists may have taken it through a 200-point inspection, but that is not to say that 200 parts underwent replacement.

So how do you avoid CPO problems?

Make sure that the BMW you are buying is a genuine CPO vehicle. If you want to buy a CPO BMW, make sure you go to a BMW authorized dealer such as Big Motoring World. Check for the manufacturer’s logo on the window sticker and confirm who is providing the warranty. If the companies match up, then you are good to go.

Confirm what the warranty covers. A manufacturer-certified pre-owned BMW will always carry a limited warranty, or a limited warranty along with a power train warranty that covers major transmission and engine components.

Inspect the car, whether or not it is a CPO. Do not make a blind purchase, assuming that the CPO BMW will be problem-free. If you have concerns that the CPO car may have problems that you might be unable to detect, consider having a trusted mechanic come along with you to check it out before buying it.

Are CPO BMWs Worth the Money?

While there is some level of risk involved with buying a used BMW, it is typically lower with a CPO vehicle. Well-trained mechanics have inspected the car, BMW backs it with a limited warranty and—depending on the CPO program—you may have a loaner-car program and roadside assistance at your behest.


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