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Are you thinking about buying a pre-owned BMW at Big Motoring World?

At times, the only way to get a fancy high-performance or luxury sporty car is waiting a few years until the price goes down to a more manageable level, rather than coughing up the full sticker price plus a premium.

Also, the uncertain state of the economy makes the certified pre-owned BMW at Big Motoring World an appealing option.

Experts at Big Motoring World strongly believe that purchasing a pre-owned BMW is a good alternative to purchasing a brand new car at a time when consumers face the uncertainty of servicing mortgages, much less car payments. Before purchasing a pre-owned BMW, it is important that you bear in mind the following facts.

Manufacture-certified pre-owned BMWs at Big Motoring World Canterbury offer you peace of mind. With the warranty, repairs and inspection, you will save the money and time it would have cost you to find and make them yourself. Also as with any pre-owned vehicle, you will eschew the high up-front 20-40% depreciation cost that original new-car buyers suffer.

If you decide that a certified pre-owned BMW from Big Motoring World Snodland is the best option for you, there are even more things to take into consideration. There are different types of certified vehicles: those certified by the dealer and others certified by the manufacturer. Understanding these differences can assist you in coming to a decision.

Manufacturer-certified BMWs typically represent the best deal you can get. For a pre-owned BMW to be tagged “manufacturer-certified”, you can be certain that the car has undergone inspection, the required repairs carried out and the vehicle comes backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Conversely, a dealer-certified car may not have undergone an inspection as rigorous and a series of repairs as that of manufacturer-certified vehicles have. Additionally, these vehicles will have a factory-backed warranty. Therefore, if you want a warranty, you will have to buy an extended one from an insurance company or dealer.

A manufacturer-certified BMW carries a factory-backed warranty, which means that when you buy a manufacturer-certified pre-owned BMW, you have the same coverage you would if you purchased a new car because Big Motoring World Prestige will make the covered repair. Moreover, because the manufacturer provides the warranty, it periodically sends out representatives to make sure that the inspection and the repairs are undertaken.

As a result of the multipoint inspection attendant with manufacturer-certified pre-owned BMWs, more details will be taken care of. For example, in the event that the brakes have less than sixty percent life, they will need replacement.

No matter which kind of pre-owned BMW you purchase—whether it’s a non-factory backed one for which you buy an extended warranty, or a certified one with a factory warranty—make sure you know what is covered. Obtain a copy of the warranty terms indicating what is and is not covered as well as what, if any, deductible you are required to pay, and who does the repairs.

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