General Guidelines for People Looking to Buy a Used BMW

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We have established most of us love and covet to ride a ‘Bimmer’. We have also finally figured out we can get a pre-owned reasonably priced one at Big Motoring World dealership. We have also been convinced that the cars are in great shape. What we haven’t done is figure out what exactly to look for in the car itself.

Big Motoring World Dealership List of Things to Check before Choosing a Car

  • Bodywork

Ensure the car’s wear and tear is consistent with its age. Check for any damage on the entire body work.

  • Paint and finish

The car should have the same shade of color all over. Otherwise it could indicate having been repaired and repainted after sustaining serious damage.

  • Panels

The gap sizes on different panels must be the same in size. If contrary to this it means replacement was done using an older BMW panel or third party panel.

  • Mileage

The whole point of buying a used car is to save money. However, if you purchase a car with excessive mileage it will break down eventually and cost you an arm and a leg to repair. You can be assured if you purchase a vehicle from any of the dealership’s site, such as Big Motoring World Snodland, the odometer will not have been tampered with.

  • Under the hood

You should be looking for rust, pitting and corrosion as well as an oil free engine. If you spot oil on the engine it may indicate leaking.

  • Paperwork and VIN number

See if the VIN number on the car matches the one on the documents. Get the full details of servicing and procedure of maintenance from the previous owner.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Your BMW Online

Big Motoring World Prestige and its other sister dealerships have made it easy for those that cannot find time to visit the showrooms physically.

  1. It saves time

A few clicks will let you check out all the cars available and choose one that you like in a very short time.

  1. Informative

The information you will gather from all the dealership’s sites like Big Motoring World Canterbury will enlighten you a great deal.

  1. Save money

Shopping online has become popular because it is really cheap. It avoids all the overhead costs of physical establishments therefore does not transfer that cost to the buyer.

  1. A wide selection to choose from

The dealership has over 1000 BMWs to choose from which are well detailed to help you make a decision. You will get all details from the color to the year of manufacturing.

The entire world is reeling from global warming and Big Motoring World has come up with some guidelines to help you prepare for the hotter weather. They include:

  • Inspect the battery to ensure it is not drained due to heat.
  • Use thicker oils when it is hot and maintain a fifty-fifty ratio of water to coolant.
  • Switch to all season summer wheels to avoid wear and tear and ensure the tires are not over or under inflated.
  • Replace your wipers if they are more than a year old to allow for clear visibility in case of evaporation-caused rain.
  • Remove under salt from your BMW under carriage.

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