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What is it about the BMW vehicles that make them so alluring? Is it how they combine sportiness with elegance?  Perhaps you love the tasteful interior. Maybe it is how your BMW feels when you drive it, when the steering wheel, chassis and engine work in tandem.

For many people it is a status symbol. The BMW epitomizes luxury and prestige.

This car may serve you for many years, but this only depends on whether you regularly service and maintain it as scheduled. You need a technician from a reputable garage to make sure your car performs at peak efficiency levels.

Big Motoring World understands your BMW’s unique needs. It is the leading pre-owned BMW specialist boasting of more than two decades in the industry.

Here is how they ensure that they have the right technician for you and why their customers keep coming back:

  • Their technicians have a specialty: Their technicians have BMW specific training and can access BMW diagnostic computers, parts and tools.
  • Their technicians are trained: A good technician should have a minimum of five years experience working with BMW vehicles. Usually, he has experience at the dealer level. Dealers protect their reputation, so they ensure that their technicians know what they are doing.
  • They can access tools, parts and diagnostics:  Your car parts must be replaced with high quality ones specifically designed for your car. BMW cars use specific diagnostic computers and software e.g. Auto logic system which allows the technicians to carry out quicker diagnostics than SSS, GT1 and ISIS.

Technicians at Big Motoring World use the latest tooling and diagnostics equipment and they can access genuine BMW parts. You can watch your MOT test being carried out from the viewing area.

  • They have a great reputation: What do people say about your local BMW repair shop? Do they have good reviews about it?

Many BMW owners prefer Big Motoring World technicians garage because they are attentive to detail. Customers describe their service as ‘excellent’ ‘fast’ and ‘professional’.

  • They have great customer service:  Their technicians usually let you know when to come in for servicing (less than a week for normal maintenance and 24 hours for emergencies).They show genuine concern for your car’s needs.

They offer a condition based service where they carefully monitor the mileage, fluid levels and wear and tear of various parts.

This means that the cost of maintenance will be low because you will only service your car when necessary. They also offer engine oil change, micro filters change, tyres and upgrades and other services at affordable cost.

Take your BMW for a treat at Big Motoring World Canterbury if you are in the South East. You may also go to Big Motoring World Snodland which hosts a cutting edge car service and MOT centre. Your car will thank you later.

However, if you would like to join the club of BMW owners, walk into one of their shops that mainly deal in luxury cars like in Big Motoring World Prestige. Their experienced sales team will help you find the right one.




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