New BMW Sportback concept grabbed our attention

If there’s one thing that grabs the hearts and minds of automobile enthusiasts around the world, it’s an innovative new concept design. Turkish design student Ismet Çevik has recently released several 3D renders of his vision of a brand new BMW model – the Sportback.

This somewhat unique project marks a return to the original Coupé concept, taking aesthetic cues from the 6 Series, taking out the rear doors and adding a more luxurious feel.
Purists might argue that surely the Sportback title would be more at home with Audi, and the headlights are missing the trademark corona rings, although make no mistake – this is an incredibly attractive vehicle, which still bears many of the hallmark BMW design traits.

With a front fascia reminiscent of recent BMW trends (such as that of the F15 X5 M50d) and traditional kidney grilles situated in the middle and lower areas of the front bumper, Çevik’s design pedigree certainly shines through.
At the rear, the similarities to the Gran Coupé are slightly more obvious, but not without some innovative (albeit subtle) changes. In keeping with traditional BMW design, the Hofmeister kink is retained at the C-Pillar.

While the world has only been privy to a select number of digital renderings, it will be interesting to see further images in more detail.

The question on everybody’s lips seems to be “will the BMW Sportback see the light of day?”, and whilst it remains unlikely that the vehicle in its current design state will be hitting our roads any time soon, it could be argued that BMW’s penchant for introducing a wide variety of different car types has captured the imagination of industrial design students, and it might not be too long before Ismet Çevik and his peers are facilitating the design of the next generation of BMW vehicles.

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