New BMW X5 M50d Review

The newest incarnation of the BMW X5 has finally put many of the gripes related to drive quality to bed. Now the German car manufacturing giants can genuinely say that their latest version of the SUV; the BMW X5 M50d, can match and even outstrip some of the other standout vehicles in its category.

It’s the largest and also the best looking version of the X5 yet. Where earlier models were often compromised by issues with handling, BMW seem to have finally found the key to making this vehicle into a true contender for the premium SUV title by tightening up the cornering and improving the overall quality of the drive.


The performance of the vehicle on and off road has gradually improved over the years and it seems that no expense has been spared in terms of refinement. Everything just feels right, from the moment you open to the door to the end of your journey, regardless of the distance.

The equivalent Range Rover doesn’t quite have the bite or feeling of control on the road that you get with the new X5, though if you are genuinely going to be using it for off road purposes, the Range Rover still edges it.

The price of the vehicle has notably increased since the release of the last incarnation, so you really are looking at a Range-Rover-esque price tag if you go for an X5 with all the add-ons.

However, without all the extras, it comes in at a comparatively reasonable price and the overall feel and performance of the vehicle makes it an excellent option for someone looking to purchase a new premium SUV.


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