Safety First: Five of the Safest BMW Car Models On the Road


The first thing you think about when buying a car for yourself and especially for someone else is safety. Safety usually trumps all other qualities when choosing a car, especially when it is second hand.

The BMW Series 3 is ranked among the safest cars in the world by Euro New Car Assessment Programmers (NCAP). It was awarded 78% rating with regard to pedestrian protection with more features such as mirrors with cameras, front screen and blind spot. It received a further 95% in the hit test having features such as Dynamic Stability Control, ABS Brakes and airbags at the front and side. These accolades are appropriated to the entire range of the BMW 3 series.

At the Big Motoring World Group Limited, you can be able to get the entire range of the BMW Series 3 at very affordable prices. If you would like one with a smaller engine (2.0 – 2.5L) you can select from a wide variety of styles and colors at the Big Motoring World Canterbury dealership. Larger engines (3.0 – 3.9L) are available at the Big Motoring World Prestige dealership.

The BMW Series 1 is ranked among the safest models by Euro NCAP with a 63% pedestrian safety ranking, offering good protection for pedestrians’ legs and children’s heads. The adult occupant safety was placed at 91% and the child occupant safety placed at 83%. It has very good safety assistance mechanisms with seatbelt reminders for all occupants and speed limitation assistance.

The BMW X1 2.0 diesel is next in line after being ranked third among the BMWs in 2012. Safety assistance was placed at 71% with 64% pedestrian protection. Adult impact protection was placed at 87% with excellent side impact for the head and torso. Child occupant protection was placed at 86% with 12 point performance for children below 18 months and 11 points for a 3 year old child. The Big Motoring World Group has the 2011 model of this vehicle in stock at a very competitive price.

For the more family-oriented buyer, the BMW X3 is the vehicle of choice. It has an 88% adult occupant safety and an 83% child occupant safety. It has good frontal impact safety for the driver and passenger and excellent side impact for both as well. Pedestrian safety was placed at 53% by the Euro NCAP, especially for the head. Safety assistance was at 71% with great seatbelt reminders for all occupants.

For an average of 13,000 pounds you can get a good quality BMW 5 Series at the Big Motoring World Group dealerships. Ranked the safest BMW model in 2010, the 5 Series was given 95% safety for an adult occupant and 83% for a child occupant. Of special note is that it is the only model of all these to have good rear impact (whiplash) protection. The pedestrian safety was set at 78% and it is also best ranked in the safety assist category of all these models at 100%.

The condition of the car is the best assessment of car safety. You will need therefore to select a car that is in good condition. The Big Motoring World Snodland service centre is able to facilitate both the mechanical aspects of safety while also offering MOT testing. With all these measures in place, you should be able to find a safe car among the wide range of BMWs at Big Motoring World Group.

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