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Buying a pre-owned BMW saves you a lot of money. However, you do not know how the previous owner maintained it. You can make sure that your new car gives you the best service by following these simple maintenance steps:

  1. Follow the acronym TOWBIF: TOWBIF stands for tires, oil, windows, brakes, interior and fluids. Follow a routine that ensures that these components get maximum maintenance.
  • Tires: Have them checked regularly. When tread wear indicators start to show between the treads, replace the tires. If you do not know how to do this, allow a technician from your dealer such as the Big Motoring World to carry out the inspection.

Ensure that you fit your BMW with tires approved for it. Check the tire pressure regularly.

  • Oil:  Change the oil every 3000-3500 miles. Exceeding 5,000 miles without an oil change will decrease the efficiency of the engine.

During cold seasons, ensure that the fuel tank is full. This will prevent condensation in the tank. Condensed water dilutes fuel therefore lowering its efficiency.

  • Windows: Make sure that the windows are clean all the time. Check the lights, mirrors and windshield for cracks.

It is recommendable that you replace the windscreen wipers before and after winter for optimal performance.

  • Brakes, belt and battery: Verify the age of your battery. If you check the decal strip, you will be able to find out how old it is by month and year.

To prevent rust and corrosion, coat your battery with grease made for high temperature.

Visit a reputable auto dealership like Big Motoring World to help you come up with a battery maintenance plan.

Ask the technician how much life your brakes have left. A well-functioning braking system will increase your safety while driving.

Check the fan belt for cracks and frayed edges. The belt provides power to the water and steering pumps as well as the air conditioner compressor.

Check these parts frequently for wear, stress and corrosion.

  • Interiors: The value of a car is indicative in the cabin.  Keep the interiors as clean as possible.
  • Fluid:  Every week, check the steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and other fluids. Change them as often as it is required. Make sure that the antifreeze is working properly. It lubricates the cooling system and prevents overheating.
  1. Monitor your mileage and fuel consumption: This will enable you to notice changes in fuel use.  A rise in the fuel per mileage could signify a problem with your BMW performance.
  2. 3.      Only buy parts and components approved for your BMW. This is available in Big Motoring World dealerships like Big Motoring World Canterbury and Big Motoring World Snodland. 

The latter has a state of the art car service and MOT testing centre. The technicians carry out the MOT test as you watch.

You could also buy the latest BMW models at Big Motoring World Prestige at competitive prices.

Remember, a well maintained BMW will give you great service for a long time, so keep in touch with your technician. You will not regret it.

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